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Prayer is a major component of our plan to bring America back to it's founding.   Here's a prayer guide to focus your daily prayer time until the election.  God Bless America!!



                                               NATIONAL REVIVAL

Day 1 Sep 28 Revival For Prayer Dave Butts - Chairman of National Prayer Committee
Day 2 Sep 29 Humility In America and Churches Nancy Leigh DeMoss - National Speaker, Author, Radio Program
Day 3 Sep 30 Revival To Seek God Mike MacIntosh - Pastor, Author, National Radio Broadcast
Day 4 Oct 1 Repentance Raul Ries - Pastor, Author, National Radio Broadcast
Day 5 Oct 2 Revival For The Word Of God Dr. Lamar Vest President of American Bible Society
Day 6 Oct 3 Revival For Purity Ken Johnson -  Indianapolis Colts Chaplain
Day 7 Oct 4 Passion For The Lost And Evangelism Steve Douglass- President of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ U.S.)
Day 8 Oct 5 Praise And Thanksgiving Jason Hershey - Initiator of David's Tent D.C.

                                               CHURCHES AND FAMILIES

Day 9       Oct 6    Fathers And Husbands                           Bob Woodson - President of Center For Neighborhood Ent.
Day 10 Oct 7 Mothers And Wives Vonette Bright - Speaker, Author, Co-founder of Campus Crusade 
Day 11 Oct 8 Youth And Teenagers Clark Kellogg - CBS Sports Analyst, Former NBA player
Day 12  Oct 9 Children Mike Novak - President of EMF Broadcasting
Day 13  Oct 10 Families John Bornschein - Vice Chair of National Day of Prayer Task Force
Day 14  Oct 11 Marriages Kirk Cameron - Actor, Producer, Co-Host of The Way of the Master
Day 15  Oct 12 Pastors And Church Leadership Dr. Lee Corder - Senior Vice President of Young Life International North 
Day 16 Oct 13 Revival Throughout the Nations Henry Blackaby - Author and President of Blackaby Ministries
Day 17 Oct 14 God's People To Fully Live For God John David Webster - Worship Leader, Recording Artist

                                               NATIONAL RENEWAL

Day 18 Oct 15 Protection Of Religious Liberty Alan Sears - President of Alliance Defending Freedom
Day 19  Oct 16 Sanctity Of Life Melinda Delahoyde - President of Care-Net
Day 20  Oct 17 Sports And Entertainment To Glorify God Hunter Smith - NFL Veteran, Author, Singer
Day 21  Oct 18 Pornography Stephen Arterburn - Author, National Radio Broadcast
Day 22  Oct 19 Poor, Homeless, And Needy In America Jay Height - Executive Director of Shepherd Community
Day 23  Oct 20 Scriptural Truths Reflected in Families, Church and Government Ken Ham - President of Answers in Genesis, Creation Museum
Day 24  Oct 21 Exalting Jesus Christ as Lord Anne Graham Lotz - Speaker, Author, President of AnGeL Ministries
Day 25 Oct 22 Schools And Education in America Fern Nichols - President of Moms in Prayer International
Day 26  Oct 23 Business In America To Glorify God Ray Hilbert - CEO of Truth@Work


Day 27    Oct 24     Candidates Intentions And Motives Revealed                   Jerry Newcombe - Producer, Author, Host of Truth in Action
Day 28  Oct 25 U.S. Senate TBA
Day 29  Oct 26 Congress TBA
Day 30  Oct 27 Supreme Court Justin Knight - General Manager of Shine.fm
Day 31  Oct 28 President David Kubal - President of Intercessors for America
Day 32  Oct 29 Your State Govenor and Leadership Curt Smith - President of Indiana Family Institute
Day 33  Oct 30 Armed Forces Skip Heitzig - Pastor, National Radio Broadcast
Day 34  Oct 31 First Responders: Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Chaplains Bill Goodrich - Pastor, Police Chaplain
Day 35  Nov 1 Peace And Protection For Israel Joel C. Rosenberg - International Speaker, Best Selling Author
Day 36  Nov 2 Protection From Domestic And Foreign Threats Darrel Wilmoth - Pastor Present at CO Theater Shooting
Day 37  Nov 3 Exposing Sin And Wickedness In Government C.L. Bryant - TV/Radio Producer, Former President of NAACP

                                               2012 ELECTION

Day 38 Nov 4 God's People To Have Wisdom On How To Vote Tony Perkins - President of Family Research Council
Day 39 Nov 5 God's People To Turn Out To Vote TBA
Day 40 Nov 6 ELECTION DAY! - God's Will To Be Done This Election

Mike Huckabee - Former Arkansas Governor, TV and Radio Host





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What a great thing!

With the Flag on one hand, the Constitution and the Bible on the other one, our eyes looking up and high to our Lord.

Prayer like never before! because God' s will be the answer on November 6th. Our Lord is ready to smile to our Country again.

After praying with your children. Let's talk with them about the Constitution and the blessing to be Americans.

Please do so!

Family’s values are under attack by this current government, the sanctity of marriage, the right of the unborn babies and more.

A father never stands taller as when he kneels to pray with his children.

Marriage: The best school for moral, values, and moral principles. the best place to learn how to love our the family and Country!

Our Country needs our prayers!

Amen, Angelo!!


Thank you for your support!

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