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Please tell me that HE is not wrong.

 I love the way Kiwanis open their meetings:  Our Old Glory stands glamorous and powerful, and for some reason today she looked sad and confused too.

OK, going back to the meeting. First, they stand proudly and sing the inspirational My Country, ‘Tis of Thee or also known as “America”, The Pledge will follow, I am telling you they are loud, they mean it! To make things better they finish the “opening” with a prayer. 

One thing caught my attention and it is the reason of my question to you. One of our members who is a former Mayor and former KS State Senator and Pastor, Art Ramirez was the one leading us in prayer, he started telling my Lord that, “ We are proud of you  labors Lord, this country my Lord- he said- is your creation, the United States Of American belongs to no one than you”, he did recognize that our “ Country it is not perfect, that USA is facing challenges and persecutions from other ideologies, and still we are proud of his labor and that we are proud to call ourselves Americans and to be part of  the Greatest Country ever”! He asked the Lord “Give us the wisdom and courage to keep alive our beliefs as Americans, to remind ourselves of what it means to be American and with his supreme blessings, we will bring justice, freedom and genuine care to all nations”.

I mixed all of what I listened today and came up with my own song: “From every mountainside, let freedom ring. With liberty and Justice to all and with the blessing of our Lord”

My questions are:…….Are you proud to be an American? Do you believe we are the greatest nation on earth? Do you believe that our Lord’s labors were well done by creating this Country?

You don’t have to answer me today…The date line is for November 6, 2012. Bring your answers to the polling place, and vote well, my Country’s future depends on you, don’t forget Martin Treptow


You are right…I can’t do it by myself.




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I too, love the way openings like this are conducted. Many times it brings a lump to my throat. I have been registered in Boy Scouts for 52 years and still work with our youth. It is interesting to see the young Scouts at Troop openings saying the Pledge. They are just saying words and learning how to conduct an opening. As you look around you see the 2yr year Scouts who are standing a little more erect and paying attention to the Flag. Still looking around you see the Older Scouts who have begun to understand the meaning of the words being voiced, there is a change in the way they stand and hold their attention. These Scouts are starting to understand the meaning of these words, and how they apply to our lives. These Scouts are becoming “Participating Citizens”, there are a number of them who will go on to fill leadership roles in our community, state and hopefully on a national level. 

I should also mention that I am a life member of Girl Scouts, and they too are are going to fill some of the same leadership roles.

I am proud to be associated with each group.  

Brother Dale,

I will like to invite your troop, I want them to visit us and do the "retirement" of the flag.

I want my people to see that, in my company we do celeberate Flag Day, Independence day, Constitution day and more...Why? Because we are a proud  AMERICAN company....I love the way to ais it..."Participants Citizens"


Thank you for your support!

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