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We will concede that there is no perfect candidate.  We also understand that the political landscape is complex, cumbersome, and that things are not always as clear as we would like them to be.   We get it.  We are Conservatives.  We have no problem standing up for what we believe in.  We have no problem taking a stand on a controversial issue.   We may not always agree on every single legislative issue or policy position.  


However, as Conservatives, we believe that we should all be in agreement on nearly every single conservative principle and Christian value.  


Independent of political party or political ideology, we believe there is a major disconnect between our elected officials and the American citizen.   Too many of our elected officials lack the courage to stand up and tell us what they believe in or where they stand on controversial issues.


Political CHIPS is a multifaceted organization.   We have designed a CHIPS Platform and a rating system that serves 5 specific purposes:

  1. Coaching:  Everyone can use a little coaching no matter who you are.  What is a real conservative?  What are conservative principles?  How might a principled conservative best determine whether or not to support a piece of pending legislation?   Do you know how to best express your position on a specific issue using a declarative statement?  What position might the founding fathers take?  What is the biblical position on the issue?
  2. Helping:  Our CHIPS community has evolved into a growing political culture of individuals proudly identifying themselves as "chippers".   We often-times organize our own rallies and events but routinely work side by side with many like minded organizations to promote their events and initiatives.   We have a lengthy and credible track record for providing assistance to 5-CHIPS candidates / officials when needed in a plethora of ways.  
  3. Identification:   Who are the elected officials currently serving?  Who are the individual candidates competing for an upcoming election?   What political party are these individuals registered with?  How do you get in touch with them?
  4. Promotion:  Political CHIPS has identified 29 important topics containing 59 conservative principles or positions.  All of these items have been categorized within specific CHIPS (Constitution, Honor, Independence, Prosperity, and Sanctity).  If an individual "supports" the CHIPS platform, they will be recognized publicly for doing so.  Elected officials / candidates are publicly promoted with CHIPS subsequent to meeting the following criteria:
    • They support the CHIPS platform by agreeing to at least 26 of the 29 questions;
    • They are in good standing with organizations focusing in the specific areas of CHIPS;
    • If applicable, they should have a fairly conservative voting record if they have previously served in a public capacity.
  5. Support:  Actions by elected officials impact all of our lives whether we have the ability to cast a vote for them or not.   We encourage all like-minded American citizens to volunteer, donate, and diligently work towards electing as many 5-CHIPS candidates to every level of government as quickly as possible.    There is not a lot of time left but there is still time!


Do YOU Support the CHIPS Platform?   Please CLICK HERE to get Started!


What are the current CHIPS rating for candidates and elected officials?   CLICK HERE!


Thank you for your support!

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