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Leadership Races: Open Letter to All Kansas Legislators : House & Senate


I beg your indulgence for a few moments now.  The leadership races in both houses shall very soon commence.  These races will have very serious outcomes for the citizens who so recently consented to vest in you the public trust.  It is my distinct hope that each of you agree that every act you commit attendant to that vested public trust precludes contemplation of your personal interests, ambitions, sentiments, party affiliations, personal animosities, personal affections, or any other consideration which cannot be admirably defended in open public declaration as clearly supportive of the public interest.

To the freshmen in both houses I call to your attention an opinion I hold and have reason to believe many other Kansans share:  You were not elected in order to go up to Topeka and learn how it is that the business of legislating is currently done!  Quite the contrary you were elected for the sole purpose of seeing to it at all hazard that the business of State shall begin to be done as it ought properly be done period! 

The oath you shall soon be required to take is solemn in the extreme.  I call to your remembrance a seldom mentioned notion:  The oath you must take is given to God before witnesses to the benefit of one group of humans;  The legal tax paying resident citizens of Kansas in particular and by extension the balance of Americans.  Strict adherence to the constitutions of the United States and Kansas as written is absolutely required by oath and every standard of both decency and duty.

Such organizations, political parties, individuals, colleagues, etc… as may have helped you win your campaign have absolutely no claim upon your loyalty except that you unflinchingly do your duty to and for the people!  I am persuaded that the interest of citizens has for far too long been sacrificed to partisanship, ambition, misplaced senses of obligation, and general corruption of principle.  This unseemly state of affairs can be placed squarely upon the shoulders of citizens remaining willingly ignorant and legislators unwilling to defend principle at all cost. 

The whole notion that public business as important as the election of leadership is routinely done in secret is shameful.  Secret ballots giving place to clandestine alliances, intrigue, and partisan schisms is a damnable violation of public trust!   I urge each of you to publicly declare whom it is you are determined to place in leadership positions and precisely how such leadership is in the public interest.

Our government is designed with distinct separations of power.  No other branch of government ought to be allowed to assert any noteworthy influence upon the legislature.  You have been elected servants of the people and are thus obligated in the extreme to ensure that the most independent and principled among you are assigned the grave responsibility of leadership and its attendant duty. 

I know this is long winded so I shall attempt to close with what I hope is a statement that confirms my willingness to hold myself to the exacting standard I have herein declared ought be applied to you.  For all of the reasons previously stated and a considerable number of reasons easily discerned and clearly at minimum implied I suggest, endorse, and firmly assert the following:

In the Senate:

  • Steve Abrams for President
  • Dennis Pyle for Vice President
  • Forrest Knox for Majority Leader
  • Garrett Love for Majority Whip

In the House:

  • Ray Merrick for Speaker
  • Lance Kinzer for Majority Leader
  • John Rubin for Speaker Pro-Tem
  • Jim Howell for Majority Whip

This open letter will be seen by many and may very well elicit some seriously unpleasant criticism of me for having presumed to write it.  Your constituents are urged to inform you of their sentiments regarding this letter.  May God grant that you pay heed to them and no one else!   In humble advocation of the public interest.


P.S: The preceding, including officers suggested for leadership, was written as an expression of my judgment.  I sought no ones’ permission nor collaborative counsel.


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Comment by Earl R. Williamson on November 28, 2012 at 8:29pm

Dale has done it again!  He has expressed, with words that mean something, those fundamental concepts of how a representative of the people Should behave.  His eloquence is reminiscent of the articulation of many of our founding fathers.  I am personally excited about the Political Chips coming to Missouri.  May the Earthquake started in Kansas roll across this nation!

Comment by Bob Bowser on November 26, 2012 at 4:23pm


Comment by Alex Poulter on November 26, 2012 at 4:11pm

This is so well articulated that i need to go back to school to learn how to comprehend it!  (that is a compliment btw).   Perhaps someday they will put together a group of writings similar to the Federalist Papers and this can be referenced as a code of conduct for all elected officials?  There is a lot of political posturing going on right now in both chambers as newly elected officials begin jockeying for position / power.    It would be fantastic if some of the 5-CHIPS recommendations listed above were voted into positions of power by their peers despite the fact that we are still in our infancy period with all things considered.......Regardless, we are very much looking forward to the future.   

Thank you for your support!

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